Mme Evangeline Delacour

French vampire, working to find a cure


CHARACTER NAME: Madame Evangeline DuBois Delacour
ALIAS: Mlle Evangeline Delacour Beauchamp, Mlle Helene DuBois
Player: Amy Larsen


Endurance Points

Strength 5 = 2(3 for vampire)
Dexterity 5 = 2(
3 for vampire)
Constitution 5 = 3(2 for vampire)
Intelligence 7 = 5(
2 for vampire)
Perception 5
Willpower 3 2(+1 for DB)

Skills (30)
Engineering 2
Doctor/Physician 5
Riding 2
Getting Medieval 2
Knowledge 6 = 4+2(Braniac)
Languages 3
Notice 5
Science 7 = 5+2(Braniac)

Qualities (20)
Vampire 15
Hard to Kill 6+2(Vampire)
Braniac 4
Nerves of Steel 3

Addiction 2
Secret Vampire 3
Minority (female) 2
Obsession 2 (-1 to personal/social skills)

Combat Maneuvers:

Weapons Info
Weapon 1 Damage / Type
Weapon 2 Damage / Type

Armor Info
Armor Points / Type


Evangeline was born during the French Revolution. Her parents were both very active in the revolution, also fighting for the rights of women. Because of this, they raised Evangeline to be a free-thinker. From an early age, she showed an artistic and academic aptitude; she was a bright young woman and benefited from the education her parents insisted upon. She married a very well-respected physician, Dr. Jean Louis Delacour, and was often found alongside him treating patients. Dr. and Mme. Delacour had two children, Auguste and Simone.

One warm summer evening, tragedy struck. A small, rogue group of young vampires attacked the Delacour manor. They were merciless, and killed Dr. Delacour and the children. They ravaged Mme. Delacour, and to torture her further, turned her. Near-death for days, Evangeline finally turned and satisfied her thirst for blood with the rats and other small animals on the manor. Despite her transformation, she could not bring herself to feed on humans. Evangeline hated her new form, and began to work tirelessly towards finding a cure for her condition.

At present, she has succeeded in suppressing or weakening certain aspects of her “disease”, but has yet to completely rid herself of it entirely. To avoid suspicion of her unnaturally long youth, Evangeline has taken to traveling extensively and adopting alternate identities. At present she is traveling under the name Evangeline Delacour Beauchamp, supposedly the beloved grandniece of Dr. and Mme. Delacour. She has allied with Valentine Cavendish in the hopes of establishing contacts and resources that might help her in the search for a cure.

Mme Evangeline Delacour

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